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Remembrance Project War Memorial Names List & Guide 

This list contains all the names listed on the war memorials within our Group of Parishes.  To take part in the project, please select a soldier's name to research, and find out what you can about them. You will see that a little is known about some of them, and nothing about others. All names are people for whom theer is more information to find. Once you hve decided on a name, complete the attached form so that the name can be taken off the list to avoid duplcation, and then begin our research. If you are unsure where to start, this guide may help. It also contains useful contact details of other organisations that can provide more information. 

Whe you have finished your research, please gather it in a short biography and return it to the Group Office for inclusion in our Group wide publication, planned for the centenary of the end of the Great War

Thank you very much for your help in keeping these memories alive 

Hubb Support, 07/07/2020
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