When we are live streaming a service, the video will be available here. Please note that you may need to refresh the page once the live stream is scheduled to start before it comes up:



We will be streaming Morning Prayer at 08.30am and Night Prayer at 9.00pm Tues-Fri and Sunday Holy Communion at 10.00am. You can also find the live stream and our Group Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/bbuy2020

If you miss one of our live streams, you can find the saved videos by clicking on the link to the left marked "Recent Services"


Download the order of service for Sunday Holy Communion:

Word document, click here

PDF, click here


Daily Prayer is an excellent way to continue praying with us at home. The Church of England offers two ways to access this online, using an app on your tablet or smart phone or through the website. If you are joining us for our live stream of Morning Prayer, you can follow along using one of these two ways.

Links for online Daily Prayer:

Download the Daily Prayer app for smart phone or tablet here

Access Daily Prayer on the Church of England website here.

Night Prayer (Compline)

Download PDF here

Download word document here