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Methodist Services 

Central Norfolk Circuit
The worship sheet is being recorded each week (with music and background images) by Martin Neave at Watton.  This can be accessed through the Watton Methodist Church website and the 'This week' link.  Alternatively the direct link is
Rev Cliff is organising a telephone conferencing service for us at 11.15 on Sunday mornings, starting this week. The timing is designed so that we can follow the Worship at Home sheet for half an hour at 10.30 am and then ring in at around 11.05/10 in time for Cliff's service at 11.15. am.  Also attached are the instructions for this. It will be good to have feedback afterwards as to how well this works.
Cliff is also putting Youtube recordings on his Facebook page - these can be accessed through Facebook or through Youtube (  To find him on Facebook, search for worldismyparish (no spaces). Rev Betty is also posting regularly on Facebook - search for Betty Trinder, you will have the right person if it shows a photo of her holding her granddaughter!
Catherine at Wighton is suggesting we search on the internet for hymn recordings to accompany our Sunday worship.  I have done a quick search for 'And can it be' - which is on the sheet for this Sunday - and came up with this:  The first one by Stuart Townend is good.  
Methodist Connexion
There are many resources offered at this link:  This includes worship sheets, free material from Roots, and details of live-streamed services.  Links are given for Wesley's Chapel (quite formal) and Swan Bank Methodist Church in Burslem (not so formal!).  There is also a link for daily prayers from Wesley House in Cambridge. 
An intriguing item under the above link is about a virtual Methodist Church Choir!  The direct link to this information is here: Scroll down and there is a video clip of the organiser explaining all about it.  
This month's pastoral posting is here and our Sunday Worship sheet is here

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